The Cornish Essences

These 3 Essences gently lead the Way!

Intuitive understanding suggests the following characteristics for each

North Cornwall

Full Circle

With a focus on St Nectan’s Glen

A new cycle of life arises, relinquishing the outworn, as a new vibrational pattern is set, a true path, for the highest good.

West Penwith

Light Creates

With a focus on Chysauster

Moving forward on the circle of life, with the light given potential to create anew at all levels, each in our own unique way.

The Roseland

Serene Heart

With a focus on Pendower

In following our new path, inner and outer harmony can unfold, bringing a sense of gladness and fulfilment, and leading to greater clarity.

The Cornish Essences   are available from June 2019.

The Northern Light Essences continue the journey, and it is hoped, these three will be available later in 2019.  A third and final set in this series, is in the process of being  created.

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Important note

Flower and Vibrational Essences are safe to use, as a means of augmenting individual well-being.

However, they are IN NO WAY to be used as a substitute for consulting a qualified medical practitioner should the need arise.

How to order

Please email  to order.

Individual  30 ml Stock Essences are available at £9.95 each, or £27.00 for a set of 3.

Matching, empty glass bottles, for client’s personal use eg for making up a dosage bottle, can also be purchased, separately and will be charged  at cost.

Please pay by cheque.

Small packages will be sent via Royal Mail using first class delivery, ( without  insurance or tracking, unless  requested),and at cost, for postage and packing combined.

Post and packing charges for larger orders – for example, several sets of Essences – will be calculated at the time, on an individual basis.