Our Philosophy

Inspiring Our Philosophy …………………..

There are three very significant aspects interwoven into the creation of the Essences.

At the Heart of the Essences is the symbol of The Tree of Life.

“ ….the Tree of Life, mystery of mysteries…….”

                                          From The Essene Gospel of the Dead Sea Scrolls

 Universally proclaimed to be a sacred symbol, found in many different forms and renditions globally, and throughout the history of the World, the metaphysical Tree of Life represents our deep personal connectivity to all other aspects of life. Just as trees, many branched and deeply rooted in the earth, reach upwards and outwards to the light, so this symbol’s ultimate expression is perceived by many cultures and philosophies to be one of spiritual and unifying growth into the heart of the mystery of life, in which many paths, at the highest level, lead ultimately to the One.

We now know that trees  themselves are interconnected, each tree “ in the wood “ being  not only an individual, but part of a  sharing network, a Wood Wide Web, which  communicates  via  mycelium – fungal threads , which spread out across a forest’s floor, – and seeks, across species, to function harmoniously and be mutually supportive.

  “Of All The Trees “  Essences are created with this knowledge  in mind. Each individual tree called upon, can offer its wonderful, unique and individual energetic qualities.  Blended into a quintessence, the combined , synchronised, nurturing strength and healing wisdom of the entire Woodland Grove is available to be drawn upon too, with oneness being the underlying theme which it gifts to each Essence.

Apple, Crab Apple, Beech, Oak, Silver Birch, Rowan, Elder, Sycamore, Hazel, Hawthorn, Pine, Yew, and Blackthorn are the trees which, unified, form this quintessence, in itself symbolic of The Tree Of Life, each tree connected to its kind, and to all others.

The Principle of Three

The Triad is likewise an ancient symbol of Universal significance, pertaining to many global cultures, mythologies, philosophies, spiritual beliefs and religions, since time immemorial, and often expressed in sacred art and geometry.

Representing oneness and duality, it is generally seen as being a key to wholeness and final Unity with All That Is. It operates at many different levels, for example, Body, Mind and Spirit; Humanity, Nature and Cosmos; The Triple Goddess of Celtic Spirituality – Maiden, Mother, Crone; the Holy Trinity of Christianity.

“Three things cannot be hidden:

The sun, The Moon, and the Truth”


As each group of Essences are created using the principle of 3, it is suggested that each person using the Essences, does so in harmony with this pattern, in a sequence of three days, three weeks or three months, as intuition guides, before repeating the cycle, or progressing to the next.

This process can then be repeated in cycles of experience, learning and growth, in body, mind and spirit. As one cycle is completed, it spirals into the next. This is the way.

The Waters of Life

Essences embody the energetic imprint of plants, trees, flowers, or other sources in Nature, held in spring water, preserved, usually by the addition of alcohol, and contained in small Stock Bottles,  with the intention of enhancing  energetic integrity and harmonious balance in those who ingest  them, or use them in other ways – intuitively, for instance, by adding them to a bath.

The   exceptional work of Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) was very instrumental in reaffirming practices which, it is understood, were used by ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, and his Remedies have gradually contributed to the wider recognition and acceptance that there IS a connection between mind, emotions and body, being firmly established. He emphasised the importance of addressing the whole individual, and not simply the physical manifestation of inner disharmony.

Since that time, there has also been an acknowledgement in the Scientific world that all of creation is, at one level, an energetic field, and that we are thus all energetic beings likewise, in this “Sea Of Life”, which the Spring Water forming the remarkable basis for the making of Essences, can be seen to represent.

Furthermore, within this Ocean of Life, or Light, The Tree of Life has its being, on many levels, including the personal, collective and Universal.

“Of All The Trees That Are In The Wood”   is an Essence range which is an aspect of the spectrum of many other new and exciting essences ranges developed since the time of Dr Bach, and in many parts of the globe.  In differing ways, each uniquely offers the generous support of Nature’s wondrous vibrational frequencies, invaluable gifts so freely given, to those with whom they resonate, and thus contributes to the well being of the individual, and of the whole.